How Can I Be More Outwardly Focused?

Often we become oblivious to our own behavior. It becomes our normal. A person can think they are healthy until they monitor what they are eating and how much exercise they really do in a week. Self-evaluation can lead to better habits. Likewise, we can think that we are outwardly focused with our Christian life but upon inspection, there may be room for improvement.

Christ has commanded us to be His witnesses to everyone around us. We do this through the way we live, exhibit love for others and by sharing what Christ has done in our life and inviting others to trust Christ as their Savior. Look at the following questions. Be honest with yourself. This is not a pass/fail quiz. Rather it is simply a measuring tool to see where you are in your Christian witness. Don’t be afraid to admit that there may be areas where you need to improve. If so, why not reflect on your answers and write out some goals for yourself following this short survey.

I am involved in a ministry that reaches people outside of the church

regularly often sometimes no


I pray for those that I know that do not know Christ

regularly often sometimes no


I meet the needs of the needy when called upon

regularly often sometimes no


I invite people to church activities

regularly often sometimes no


I share literature and other witnessing tools with people outside the church

regularly often sometimes no


I share my own testimony of God’s active role in my life with others

regularly often sometimes no


I share the gospel message with those that do not know it

regularly often sometimes no


I have led someone to the Lord in the last two years

yes no    


Take a sheet of paper and think about your answers. Then write on the piece of paper:

I commit myself to improve my Christian Health by being on mission with Christ and outwardly focused on the following action steps:

Ask God what He wants you to do about your various answers. Write down any ideas that come to your mind.



He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Eph 2:9

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