Two Websites That Can Help You Witness To Others About Christ

Exciting things are happening in evangelism. Sharing about God has always been at the forefront of evangelism causing many a Christian to uncomfortable. Many ask, “What do I say?” Others, “I don’t know how to defend my faith.” Now there are two websites that can help you overcome those obstacles.

The first site is This site is a comprehensive witnessing machine that whole cities can use. The church I attend is getting ready for January 13 where over 800 churches in the Chicagoland area are going to do a seven-week campaign with sermons and discussion groups. The discussion groups are easy to lead. It causes spiritual curiosity with a lot of follow up material that can help lead people to Christ.

When you open the site you can choose the level you are interested in pursuing. Simply go to the top and click on resources. You can choose, individual, group, church, or city. From there it will lead you into how to use the website and get others involved.

This site has everything you need to start a discussion group. Look over the short training videos on being a group facilitator.

There is plenty of material there. It is somewhat tricky to navigate but will be worth the effort.

I know I said there were only two websites but now I have added a third. Not really! This is the same site but different pictures and other nuances that make for older adults and for the younger crowd.

This site was started by a converted atheist that wanted to put information out there for others that were doubters like her. This site is a juggernaut with close to 1000 people around the world coming to Christ every day. It is easy to navigate and the topics are really relevant. The answers are brief but long enough. Again there is plenty of material here for seekers.

Take a look at these two great websites and start praying about sharing them with your friends and co-workers.

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