Do Good To Others

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them.”
Proverbs 3:27 (NLT)

How serious God takes our benevolence. We are His chosen representatives. We act in this world on His behalf. How then can we take the principles of the God who is love and not obey them? How can we withhold good from those in need if it is in our power to help them? In the Jewish law the Israelites were told not to be tightfisted. In the book of James the author tells Christians that if someone comes to us naked and hungry and we say to them, “God bless you, be fed be clothed” and do nothing to help them, how can the love of God be in us? There are all kinds of hurts and needs and so many of the people around us suffer with one kind or another. All it takes is a little time and some empathy and we will find more people to help then we ever imagined. Today, let the Spirit of God lead you to someone in need. When He does, do whatever is in your power to help them.

Lord, I thank You that You have called me to be like You, a lover of people. Help me see others through Your eyes and then give me the strength and grace to do all I can to help them.


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One thought on “Do Good To Others”

  1. This blog of over a year ago resonates with me today. Just moments ago, the Lord clearly lead me to a website featuring a young woman in mission in Mozambique who, through her nursing skills, is helping to save many lives and souls for Christ. I have very meager financial resources, however, was lead to help in the small way I can. I quickly wrote and mailed a check and followed the young lady’s request for prayer for herself and a very ill child for whom she is caring. Your blog is confirmation that I did the right thing today — I answered God’s call to reach out and help, just as He so consistently does for me every day of my life! Thank you, too, for answering His call to ministry. I appreciate your website!

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