Businesses Can Do Missions Too!

I have been an advocate for Christian Businesses getting involved in ministry for a long time. If you want to know what I think you can download Compassionate Capitalist and learn many different ways your business could get involved in doing good. If that is not enough then I invite you to look over this list of books that feature Businesses that are involved in Missions and doing good. Here is the list:

  1. God is at Work: Ken Eldred
  2. Business as Mission: Michael Baer
  3. The Missional Entrepreneur
  4. Great Commission Companies
  5. Kingdom Catalyst: Johnny Combs
  6. Business for the Glory of God: Wayne Grudem
  7. God at Work: Gene Veith
  8. Business as a Calling: Michael Novak
  9. God is my CEO: Larry Julian

Want to know how to use your business skills for ministry download a free copy of Compassionate Capitalist by Ron Ovitt



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