101 Ways You and Your Church Can Make A Difference – HUNGER

Hunger – It’s not just children with bloated stomachs in
Africa. It is here in the
United States too. Chances are hunger affects families not that far from your front door. The good news there is much we can do to alleviate hunger.

101 Ways – HUNGER #1 Have a food drive

Most towns have agencies that feed the hungry. They are always in need of more food. The easiest way you can get involved is to collect food for them and either deliver it or have them pick it up. The best way is to have a stretch goal with an adequate time limit. Usually you can plan one month to raise about 2 pounds of food per congregant. So if you have 500 in average attendance, if you advertised it well, you could collect at least 1000 pounds of food in four Sundays. This would be exciting for your church and those that get the food.

What are you and/or your church doing to help with hunger? Go above to Share How You Are Making A Difference and let us know. 

Also go to our BOOKSTORE to find books that can help your church make a difference!

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