2007 – A Year for making a difference

I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. Now, having been in ministry and social services, I have known that the church has lost some of the influence and impact that it once had. I had always hoped that we would get it back. But yesterday, I was really shocked.

I have another blog, Sozo – healing, wholeness and salvation. While I was putting books into the Sozo bookstore, I thought that I would do a search on Amazon for books on Healing. It took me pages and pages before I found a Christian book on healing. I was stunned and thought, “I have known for some time that the world doesn’t call the church anymore when catastrophe strikes. When people are in need the last any more to be called is a church. When communities consider those that can make a difference, most Pastors aren’t called. But healing? Surely we still have a corner on that market?” But sad to say, no – it is another birthright that we have traded for a cup of porridge.

The church is at a crisis. It is time we WALK THE TALK. It is time that we live like Jesus did and get into the streets and do something. Thankfully, some churches are and now with you and I and thousands others maybe many more churches will too.

If your church is making a difference, go to the Share How You Have Made A Difference page and share your testimony. You can write it, voice record it or attach photos. Hopefully you will do all three. I in turn will archive your story and share it with as many as will listen.

I pray that 2007 will be a year that we make a HUGE difference.


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